Turn Around…Don’t Drown: The Dangers of Standing Water

Local News Stories

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Rain is in the forecast for this weekend in Muskingum County; and as area residents prepare for the damp conditions, area first responders are preparing to execute rescue measures should any major rain accumulation result in flooding. The Zanesville Fire Department is encouraging motorists to follow the slogan, “Turn Around…Don’t Drown” should they encounter any standing water on the roadways. Bryar Mayle, with the Zanesville Fire Department, says flooded roads can pose serious danger. 

“Every year, more people are killed due to flooding than any other thunderstorm related hazard there is and over half of those deaths are caused by people driving around road closed signs; driving into flooded water. Just six inches of fast-moving water is enough to sweep an adult off their feet–and just twelve inches of fast-moving water is enough to carry most cars away.” 

Although motorists are aware of the dangers of driving through standing water, some venture in against their better judgment. Should someone get caught in standing water, there are certain safety measures to follow until help can arrive. 

“If you do and you do get trapped, you’d want to try and get to higher ground–so, on top of your car is the best option. Anywhere where we can see you–if we’re going to come and rescue you we want to be able to see you. That way, we know at least you’re safe and we can put together a game plan as to how we’re going to get you to safety.” 

Local officials encourage all area residents to have a plan and an emergency bag packed in case the weekend rain results in flooding.