ODOT Reminds Drivers: Slow Down & Move Over

Local News

JACKSONTOWN, Ohio — The Ohio Dept. of Transportation is reminding anyone getting behind the wheel this winter to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles and road crews whose vehicles’ lights are flashing.

“Since our crews are out there whether it’s snow and ice or maintenance-related items, we always want to remind motorists to slow down and move over for not only our crews but all roadside workers when you see those flashing lights. It’s very important to move over — and if you can’t move over, at least slow down,” says Morgan Overbey, Public Information Officer at ODOT District 5, serving in part Newark & Zanesville.

“Last year alone, two-hundred ODOT crews were struck while working. It’s important to note that that includes trucks, equipment, stuff like that. But two hundred times in one year is very significant and we’d love for that number to be decreased in the future, so that’s why it’s so important while you’re out on the roads to be aware of your surroundings and always thinking about those who are out there working,” Overbey says.

Drivers found to be in violation of the Slow Down, Move Over law can be fined up to $1,000 per violation.

“In 2018, a total of fourteen people were killed in Ohio construction zones, four of those fatalities being construction workers, including one ODOT employee,” Overbey adds. “The law isn’t just for ODOT or the Highway Patrol; it’s for anyone working along the road and a vehicle with a flashing light. Tow truck operators, garbage truck crews, fire and EMS, law enforcement, road maintenance crews, and even a broken-down vehicle with hazard lights on.”