Muskingum Co. Behavioral Health: “You don’t have to hit rock bottom to have an alcohol problem.”

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Dry January may be known for helping with weight loss and healthier habits.

The trend is intended for people to abstain from drinking alcohol.

Muskingum Behavioral Health says starting off the year sober can have more benefits than what can be shown on a scale.

“It gives people an opportunity to check, you know, what is your relationship to alcohol. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to have an alcohol problem. You can have an alcohol problem long before that.”

Carrol says if you’re participating during the month or want to turn down alcohol any other time of the year — the first thing to do is have an exit strategy. He also says you can fake it.

“Another option, of course, is to make it look like you’re drinking. Okay, okay. You can take a club soda, drop a lime in it and walk around all night. And it looks like you’re drinking something.”

Carrel says drinking can also disrupt your sleeping cycle.