Buckeyes rally at Zanesville watch party: “It’s gonna be an Ohio State victory in the end”

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Ohio State buckeyes play tonight against the Clemson University Tigers Saturday.

Fans swarmed the Barn on Linden Avenue to watch the action.

One fan, Anna Henning, says it’s going to be a close game but the Bucks will come out on top.

“Tonight’s game is gonna be awesome. Ohio State is gonna kick butt. Might be a little scary at first, like they always are, but other than that I think they’re gonna kick some booty.”

Her husband Jason says it’s been a long season but the scarlet and grey will prevail.

“The Buckeyes win in a close game but it’s — a long season. Who know? But it’s gonna be an Ohio State victory in the end.”

That game, and the Louisiana State University v. Oklahoma University matchup are deciding factors of who will make to the championship.

“The four teams that are playing today, basically have to win today to go on to the championship game and you know, everybody’s pulling here for the Buckeyes I think. You know, for the most part, you’re going to have a Buckeyes crowd down here. You’ve got Oklahoma, they’re playing LSU. Then Ohio State is playing Clemson — whoever wins out of those two games will go onto the championship then on the thirteenth. And hopefully, we can have the Buckeyes win and we can have another big Buckeyes game day watch party. “

OSU plays Saturday at 8 p.m.