Zanesville golf course: “It’s probably tripled the business we would normally have”

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The day after Christmas is usually the perfect weather for hot cocoa or tea but a lot of golf enthusiasts were setting tee times at the Crystal Springs Golf Club.

Pro Manager for the course Jocele Kennedy says they’re open 364 days each year and players made the most of the warmer weather.

“It’s December 26th. I mean, who would’ve thought we would have such a great day like this the day after Christmas? So, I think after last week, it was so we’ve been shut down for almost a week because we had snow on the course and it was just so cold and I think people are just — one, the warm weather and 2, they’re just ready to be done with the holidays and all that.”

She says their business has tripled what is normally seen this time of year.

“We’re one of the few courses anyway that are open 364 days a year — so — but not everybody likes to the the cold weather warriors and come out when it’s in the low 40s. So it’s definitely helped our business. You know, it’s probably tripled the business we would normally have. If not more so.”