Working Christmas: “Today’s just another day to us”

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – If you go to a store front or an office building on Christmas, you’ll probably see the same sign posted, “Closed Today.” Most businesses are closed for the federal holiday.

However, Local 88 President and firefighter Thad Krause says first responders are on the job, regardless of the day.

“Today’s just another day to us. We know that there’s going to be people that need us today. We already had about four calls today in the city. Hopefully it’s nothing major that happens but we’re here for that regardless and to us, it’s just another day that we come in and do our job.”

The Zanesville Fire Department celebrated the day with all three departments at the downtown station. Krause says the team has become a family.

“Working Christmas, I mean, we enjoy what we do. It’s the greatest job in the world. The guys here, it’s like our second family. Basically we spend a third of our life with them. So it’s kind of like you’re spending time with your family, just, your second family.”

He says they know working holidays is part of the job when they become a firefighter.

The department enjoyed food from local businesses at a holiday luncheon.