Winter Homeless Shelter Program Comes to Muskingum County

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio – As colder weather settles in across the state, those without homes are struggling to keep warm in Muskingum County. Two area organizations have teamed up to help provide the local homeless population with a warm place to sleep this Winter. TruLight Ministries of Zanesville and Cornerstone Full Gospel Church of Duncan Falls are working together to transport homeless individuals from TruLight to the bunkhouse facility at Cornerstone Church. Reverend Edward Swartz, with TruLight, says around 16 people utilize the facility each night.

“So what we do is, we open our doors at 7 PM for the homeless to come in and get out of the cold. We usually have some coffee on for them; some little snacks or something—nothing elaborate, just something for them to munch on and stuff. And we also have prayer time going on from 7 to 11; so people can come in and get prayer if they want. And then at 11 o’clock, what we do is we load everybody that needs shelter into our church van and we drive them down to Cornerstone’s facilities—and we take them in and we give them a bunk.”

Once homeless individuals are transported to Cornerstone, they are given a bunk area and access to shower facilities. Hygiene products donated by the Muskingum County community are also available to those staying at the shelter. Items currently needed for the program include gas cards and snack items. Donations can be made in several different formats.

“They can donate online on our Facebook page—we have a donate button they can click that and they can make a donation online. They can bring it in here from 7 to 11 every night. We do have a donation box over on the wall that they are more than welcome to come in and place a donation in the box. We’re also open for breakfast time from 8 to 10 so they can come in and make a donation then.”

For more information or to donate to the Winter Homeless Shelter Program, contact Trulight Ministries—located on Putnam Avenue in Zanesville.