Foxfire Schools Donate Blessing Bags to Christ’s Table

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – This holiday season will be a little bit brighter for those in need thanks to various community organizations and the staff and students of a local school district. Staff and students of Foxfire Schools have been hard at work over the past few weeks collecting donations for their 4th Annual Blessing Bag Drive. Today, representatives from Foxfire brought the completed bags and blankets to Christ’s Table in Zanesville. Superintendent Todd Whiteman says the program serves as a way to give to those in need in the area.

“It really just starts out with the drive to want to give back and impact people’s lives—and add value to someone’s life. You know, this time of year—it’s a very hectic, stressful year and we get self-absorbed; but it’s really about taking the time to think about somebody else. And even though we don’t know these people who are homeless or struggling; they do matter and it just warms my heart.”

In addition to helping pack the Blessing Bags for Christ’s Table, Foxfire students included a personal yuletide sentiment in each package donated.

“Each one of these Blessing Bags has a necessity for the people that are homeless or struggling. It has hygiene products; it has scarves, gloves, hats—and each one has a handwritten letter Christmas card from a student as well with encouraging messages of, ‘don’t give up, you matter’ and things like that. So, the kids took a really active part in this and it was a valuable life lesson to teach them.”

Items included in the Blessing Bags donated to Christ’s Table were purchased through community donations and through the staff of Foxfire Schools.