Sheriff’s Office Releases Year In Review Stats

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The year is drawing to a close; with only 12 days left in 2019. The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office is looking back upon local statistics collected over the course of the year as 2020 approaches. There were over 9,000 reported squad and fire runs in the county and over 40,000 calls handled by the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Matt Lutz says the top reason for traffic citations in 2019 was driving under suspension.

“Our traffic crashes went from 274 up to 316; so we did have an increase in traffic accidents. Our citations—including our warnings—kind of gives us a barometer of where we’re at and you know, we have the total ‘18 stats. Which was 3,790—almost 38 hundred—and right now, we’re at 3,067.”

The number of major incidents for the year saw a decline from 2018, which the Sheriff attributes to the proactive efforts of officers.

“You think back over the years of major incidents that we’ve had; and I’m not sure that we’ve had any of that this year. And, you look at our detective bureau—things appear to be down a bit from the calls that we’re getting. But you know, I could construe that with stats that say our guys are being more proactive, we’re more visible, and we’re trying to be out there doing more proactive things.”

Additional statistics from the Sheriff’s Office show that there are currently 149 active sex offenders in the county and there were 324 total arrests made over the course of the year.