Holiday Temptation: Strategies for Maintaining Sobriety

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The holidays are often regarded as the most wonderful time of the year—however, they can be a source of stress and temptation for those recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Muskingum County Behavioral Health is encouraging those in recovery to stay sober during the holiday season. Steve Carrel, Executive Director of MBH, says the first step is to formulate a plan and remember that it’s acceptable to leave holiday functions early if need be.

“The first thing that all people in recovery need to do is create a plan. You know, what are your plans for the holidays—be it Christmas, New Years, both. And then, take a look at those plans—where are you going to be, who are you going to be with, and how are you going to get through that maintaining being in recovery.”

There are certain accommodations that holiday party hosts can make to help ensure that guests in recovery maintain their sobriety.

“If you see a person starting to get pressure from another family member—intervene. Have alternative beverages; or have alternatives to have fun. You know, some families when they get together all there is is alcohol. There’s got to be something else there; especially if you have a loved one in recovery. Provide them a safe space—a place that they can beg out.”

Muskingum Behavioral Health will be holding holiday parties for Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous holiday parties that are free and open to the public. For more information, contact MBH located on West Main Street in Zanesville.

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