Turkey or Ticket: Somerset PD Spreads Christmas Cheer

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SOMERSET, Ohio – Seemingly ordinary traffic stops took a jolly turn this morning as law enforcement officers in the Village of Somerset spread holiday cheer throughout the tightly-knit community. Law abiding motorists pulled over by officers were informed that they were stopped for driving safely and presented with either a Christmas ham or turkey purchased by the department. Officer Isaac Wiseman, with the Somerset PD, says the program is designed to give back to the community.

“Today, we just wanted to give back to the small community we have here by giving them hams and turkeys and Christmas cards from the Police Department. And, everybody here signed it—the Mayor signed the cards and stuff. So, we just wanted to give back because they give to us; so we just wanted to give back to them today.”

Apprehension turned to delight as officers revealed the true purpose behind the sirens and flashing lights following residents down the streets of Somerset. Resident Verda Walker says she felt touched to have received a turkey.

“It’s a wonderful project and I’ve got family coming for Christmas so I’ve got a turkey to cook now! And, these guys here in town they’re wonderful.”

Officer Wiseman says the Holiday Turkey and Ham Program is a source of Christmas joy—not only for the recipients; but for the police force as well.

“They loved it—most of them loved it. They just were overwhelmed that we were giving them something. They were questioning why they were stopped and stuff but we were just stopping them because they were doing a good driving and using their turn signals.”

This year marks the second year for the Somerset Police Department Holiday Turkey and Ham Program. Over 20 area residents received either a turkey or a ham for Christmas dinner.