Kevin Martin Foundation Holds Shopping Spree for Local Children

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A Zanesville native who went on to play in the NBA is working with local sponsors to provide local children in need with some much needed holiday cheer. The Kevin Martin Foundation held its 4th Annual Christmas Shopping Event at Walmart—located on Maple Avenue—this evening. Kevin Martin, with the foundation, says the program provided 80 area children with $150 to spend.

“I played in the NBA for 12 years and I think I did it with three teams. So, I think 10 out of the 12 years and it was probably my favorite event to do in the NBA so I wanted to bring it to Zanesville, Ohio. And we knew the kids would love it; and ever since we started doing it—it’s been a big hit. They make my job easier; my wife she puts the whole program together and then all of the volunteers they shop with the kids.”

Each elementary school in the city provides The Kevin Martin Foundation with the names of 25 to 30 children in need. Volunteers then take the children shopping.

“It’s always the kids smiles and running around the aisles and you know grabbing toys. Because I think this time of year, we all know how tough it is on some families. Everybody is not that fortunate to be able to give shopping sprees. You know, I grew up that way. I was never—I couldn’t just go out and get anything I wanted. So, just to see the smiles on the kids’ faces—it just brings a lot of joy to the volunteers and also to my family’s heart.”

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