Friday the 13th Club Meets in Zanesville

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Look out for black cats, ladders, and open umbrellas indoors…today is Friday the 13th. A local club met today in Zanesville to observe the unique occasion. The Friday the 13th Club meets up to three times each year, depending on how the calendar falls. Today was no exception as members walked under an open ladder to enter the Immanuel Church of Christ in downtown Zanesville. Larry Good, with the Friday the 13th Club, says the club recently began meeting in conjuncture with the Kiwanis Club.

“How it got hooked up with Kiwanis was basically in 1956, the original club was formed by Dale Tysinger. Towards the end of Dale’s career—oh, maybe five…six years ago—he brought the Bible or the book on Friday the 13th and dumped it in my lap.”

This is the sixty-third year of the Friday the 13th Club, which offers the community a chance to gather together for food and fellowship while poking fun at various superstitions.

“The camaraderie of friendship—making fun of the superstitions that have been around hundreds and hundreds of years. Just to have a good impact. You can have a nice meal; have some fun midday. The main thing is making fun of the superstitions and that it’s really really a part of our culture being superstitious.

The next Friday the 13th will be on March 13, 2020.

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