Crew Clears Community Foundation Land near Y-Bridge

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Muskingum County Community Foundation is working to clear brush from some of its land at a bend in the Licking River about a block west of the historic Y-Bridge.

Luburgh Construction Services is providing brush-cutting equipment and services to help tackle underbrush on the tract of land between the Y-Bridge and Mattingly Foods.

“We’re five acres of clearing, we’re using the HydroAx with brush hog head on it today, and then Beau will come through with skid steer & gravel bucket and clean up all of the miscellaneous trash and everything laying around in this area. Getting it cleaned up so that when you pull up and walk through, it’s got a lot better look to it,” says Curt Luburgh, Owner of Luburgh Construction Services.

“We’re leaving the bigger trees,” he adds. “They want to take out these more scrubby lanthes and everything else that’s growing down low and get it up to a better height so you can look through it.”

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