Transport representatives sit down with County Commissioners

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Transit workers attended a meeting with the county commissioners Monday to talk about transportation in our area.

A representative from the mid-east mobility solutions and Transit Director Howard Stewart spoke with them.

“We came to give a report and an update — we do it every year to the County Commissioners just what SEAT is doing — where we’re going — strategically our services. How they’ve increased. And some of the initiatives that we’re taking — we don’t have a dedicated funding source,” said Stewart. “So we have to match our operating funding from the feds which is through the Ohio Department of Transportation by 50% so any local match or any support that we get goes towards that and it helps us provide the mission of public transit to the individuals that we serve.

Stewart says they asked for a larger budget to improve their services. Including MOMS.

“SEAT has created MOMS. MOMS is — we’re applying for non-profit status and it’s kind of a social service organization on steroids but it all rotates around transportation. Most of people’s needs start with transportation but it is also followed up by other things and other needs.”

The transit will have a Christmas event on Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Chamber.

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