Muskingum Co. dog wardens discuss handling stray dogs

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum County dog wardens sat down with the County Commissioners Monday to discuss the handling of stray dogs in the area.

Head Dog Warden Bryan Catlin says the commissioners are calling on the three dog wardens in the county to respond to calls for stray dogs more frequently.

“Our call outs, why we should go out why we shouldn’t go out they want us to go out more frequently when we’re called. So if we’re contacted about picking up a dog up then they just want us to make sure we go pick it up. Things on that nature.”

Catlin says people need to know who to call if they find a dog.

“Right now we have our office phone. So there’s the office line which is 740-453-0273 — we have a voicemail on there, we have a call out phone that law enforcement knows how to get a hold of at. There’s also the humane officers who know how to get a hold of us as well. A lot of people will post it on social media — that they found a dog and a lot of time the dog’s actually returned to their owners prior to coming in.”

He says if you see a dog and you want to help that you need to be cautious for both your safety and the wellbeing of the dog.

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