Ceramic Center Proposed in Downtown Zanesville

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Across the region, Muskingum County has long been known as the epicenter of pottery. Locally, an initiative has been put into action in an effort to bring traditional clay work back to the area. Plans to create a Ceramic Center are in motion as the Muskingum County Commissioners met with a project representative this morning. Maddy Fraioli, with the project, says the goal is to establish a Ceramic Center in downtown Zanesville in the near future.

“In 1911, 86 percent of our population was supported by the clay industries here—and that population of 29,000 is still the same population that we have today. We have been working for the last year with city officials and the county commissioners to establish a community pottery in Zanesville that would be open to the public and open for tourism. It’s our hope to operate historic equipment.”

The proposed center would offer classes and workshops to the general public; as well as feature tools and equipment donated by Ohio University. Funding for the project is being proposed through various grants, possible city and county support, and community donations through the Muskingum County Community Foundation.

“We will be applying for a capacity building grant through the Ohio Arts Council because we are also celebrating the history of our region. We will also be able to apply for humanities grants for the storytelling part of the facility that we’re trying to create.”

A Board of Directors is slated to be established by Fall. To become involved in the Ceramic Center project or to donate, contact the Muskingum County Community Foundation.

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