Weasel Boy Brewing holds final Farmer’s Market of year

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Vendors at the farmer’s market at Weasel Boy Brewing gathered for the last farmer’s market of the season Saturday.

Daniel Jennings of Jennings Java of Columbus says they make a special effort to come to the market because of how they’ve been received in our area.

“Even though we’re in German Village now, one of the things we always say is Muskingum University, New Concord, Zanesville, the Cambridge areas — we were just blown away with the support we’ve received from everyone. And so, one of the things for us it’s super important to take every and any opportunity we can to get back out here. Part of the reason is we have so much of a following out here already. And another is we really want to thank everyone for the support they’ve given us and provide good coffee to this area as well.”

Dee Robertson, a distributor for Jose Madrid Salsa also took part.

“Just keep shopping local. To keep the community — to support the community.”

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