Vendors fill gym, hallways for Holiday Bazaar at Rosecrans

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The gym and halls of Rosecrans High School was busy Saturday with hundreds of people looking for the perfect crafts and holiday gifts at the Holiday Bazaar.

Owner of Erin’s Kitchen Filled with Love, Erin Rock says it takes weeks to prepare for the one-day event.

“Well, it took me about two weeks to prepare and when you’re doing a craft show you’re never sure how much you’re gonna need so I usually do about 100 cakes a year. So, I figured this year I’ll double that.”

Erin and her daughter are making their debut at the holiday bazaar but Keli Crumbaker owner of Studio K has been a part of the event for over 20 years. She says it feels good to have people enjoy her artwork.

“You’re gonna make us a whole lot happier than Walmart. It means a lot to us to see people enjoy what we do and want it. And want to take it and put it in their home or give it as a gift. It makes us feel really good about what we do. “

The event included craft makers, bakers, painters, candle makers and other vendors.

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