Salvation Army bell ringers supports community

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Bell ringers lined the entrance of Kroger’s Saturday.

Members of Delta Kappa Gamma, an organization for teachers, was busy working for the Salvation Army.

Sandy Turner said the weather was mild compared to other years.

“This weather is really quite good compared to sometimes when I’ve been here — when it was snowing and quite cold. So this is a good one.”

Cindy Lawyer says ringing bells for the Salvation Army helps them give back to the community.

“And we’re — we’re really just fortunate to be an organization that gives back to the community in so many ways and Salvation Army, you really can’t think of a better organization in our community to support. “

They say those who donate are often people the bell ringers know and today — some who donated were given a special incentive.

“It’s a great opportunity for people in our community to come out, ring a bell, see friends that — some people that we know — that are more than likely able to give when they know us — they’re able to give and reach deep in their pocket,” said Lawyer. “Today makes it kind of special because Mary Ann Bucci provided prints for us. We had a variety of different prints so anybody that donated $5 or more recieved a Bucci print.”

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