Poulton’s Flag to be Properly Folded at Sports Barber

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The 75 year old flag that covered the casket of an Ohio World War II veteran in 1945 will be folded properly on Tuesday morning in Zanesville. The sister of Paul Poulton donated a box of her brothers service artifacts—including his flag and Purple Heart—to the Sports Barber, on Linden Avenue earlier this year. Poulton died serving his country in the Battle of the Bulge on January 14, 1945. Mike DeBolt, US Veteran and owner of the Sports Barber, says he feels honored to display Poulton’s artifacts in his shop.

“Oh, it’s an honor—I’d never met this woman in my life and now she’s a good friend of mine. She shows up every couple of weeks to check on me. And, you know having this flag—it’s sad, I can’t believe it wasn’t folded correctly when she got it so it sat in a box for 75 years. So, I figured it was a good time to get it folded correctly and put into a shadow box.”

The Duncan Falls VFW will be present at the Sports Barber on Tuesday morning at 9 to fold the flag properly and explain what each fold signifies. Ron Gottke, with the Duncan Falls VFW, says there are many reasons that the flag is folded a certain way.

“We fold it in such a manner that you’ll have 13 stars showing on the front and also it means to honor the dead that has passed in the military—and a symbol, and the third thing is for our nation’s motto which is ‘In God We Trust’.”

Paul Poulton served in the 50th Armored Infantry during World War II. The 75 year old flag—which has just 48 stars—will be displayed in a shadow box at the Sports Barber for the public to appreciate.

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