Foodworks Alliance Gift Boxes On Sale

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and those who have not yet found a gift for everyone on their nice list can find one through the Foodworks Alliance in Zanesville. Foodworks Alliance will be selling their holiday gift boxes featuring locally produced food items through December 9th, both online and in-house. Junita Lapp, Kitchen Manager with Foodworks Alliance, says the boxes make the perfect holiday gift.

“The boxes are made up of a bunch of different local products—clients of ours here at Foodworks Alliance—that have made these products and then we put them together into gift boxes that make great gifts. If you’re an employer and you want to give all your employees something unique, something tasty; it’s already put together—you don’t have to put any work into it.”

The organization sells the holiday gift boxes each year as a fundraiser to help start and assist small businesses in Muskingum County. Proceeds from this year’s sale will also help renovate and update the Foodworks Alliance kitchen; which is utilized by the community.

“When you’re buying a box here at Foodworks Alliance, you’re supporting Foodworks Alliance and the small businesses. At Foodworks Alliance, we basically help start up small businesses. So, not only are you supporting a small business; you’re helping an organization that helps small businesses.”

Gift boxes cost between 15 and 40 dollars and custom boxes are available. For more information, visit or visit Foodworks Alliance, located on Pinkerton Lane in Zanesville. The Foodworks Alliance also recently received a grant through United Way to help process excess produce from Mid-Ohio Food Bank.