Board of Elections Prepares for Next Fiscal Year

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Following the Fall November election, the Muskingum County Board of Elections is preparing for the 2020 fiscal year—and the presidential election that awaits. The Board of Elections presented it’s annual budget to the Muskingum County Board of Commissioners this morning. Timothy Thompson, Board of Elections Director, says an increased budget is anticipated as additional staffing and equipment will be required.

“We expect a greater voter turnout and so we’re looking at hiring other people to be able to help us get things accomplished; and we want to make sure we have enough ballots to cover all of the voters that would show up. And so, we’re anticipating a—generally, a little bit larger budget this coming cycle to cover that.”

In addition to a new budget, a recent new program introduced at the Board of Elections involves training area high school students to become poll workers.

“We’ve reached out to the high schools in the area and we’re trying to reach into all the schools but we’ve had students from most of the high schools be able to participate in last Fall’s election. And, many of those are looking forward to working in the Spring.”

Voter turnout for the Fall election in Muskingum County was approximately 29 percent.

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