‘Always be aware of your target and beyond’: Deer hunters prepare for season

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Monday is the beginning of deer hunting season in Ohio and hunters flocked to Deerasic Park in Cambridge for their annual sight in day.

After signing in, hunters put on protective eye and ear gear before being instructed by the range masters on proper gun safety.

“We’ve got three range masters out here running things, making sure everything’s safe, everyone’s guns are up and legal,” said Chief Operating Officer Dana Launder.

He says that this is the perfect way to make sure a gun is safe without scaring off potential prey.

“We’re having our annual sight in day. Which gives local hunters a chance to come out to our range, sight in their guns without scaring the deer off of their property.”

An instructor and range operator for the event Ken Scherf says it’s important to really think before taking any shots.

“Always be aware of your target and beyond. Be safe. When in doubt, don’t. It’s not worth taking a chance,” he said. “Don’t let anybody get hurt.”

For more information on how to be safe this hunting season — go to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.