Pet of the Week: Meet Tucker

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Today is Black Friday and as shoppers rush out to the mall or log-in to shop online, a different type of purchase awaits at the Animal Shelter Society in Zanesville. Tucker, a four-year-old dog, is the Animal Shelter Society Pet of the Week and is ready to start fresh in a loving family environment this holiday season. Nancy Geiger, with the Animal Shelter Society, says Tucker will make a great pet.

“He is a good boy. He is a four year old Akita Boxer Mix—he’s been neutered. He’s a little selective with males so we would encourage a meet-and-greet; he likes the girls though. He loves kids and he’s really good with cats. He’s very mellow at times but he still has energy.”

While pet adoption is encouraged all year long, the Christmas season can be an especially magical time to bring home a furry friend. The Animal Shelter Society suggests adopting a new pet at least two to three weeks prior to Christmas.

“It’s a great time of year to adopt a dog or a cat or a small, little animal like a ferret or whatever those other little creatures are. For the children, they love them—but, it’s not best to get the dog or animal right before Christmas and take them home into the chaotic mix of a Christmas holiday.”

For more information or to adopt Tucker, you can visit the Animal Shelter Society located on Newark Road in Zanesville.

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