Stone Academy seeks recognition, funding

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A national historical society came to the County Commissioner’s meeting for help to gain recognition.

Representatives for stone academy and the Muskingum County History President Peter Cultice went to the meeting today for a letter asking for recognition as a national historic landmark.

He says applying to be a landmark could help them with funding.

“We’re — making an application to to the Ohio Legislature for Capital Improvement Budget — Capital Improvement. We have [a] project at the Stone Academy. Which, right now, we’re a national historical society. We’re on the National Historic Register to get on the National Historic Landmark,” Cultice said. “If we’re able to do that then — that puts us on the map for other funding.”

Cultice says they need repairs to their roof, retaining wall and another building as well as bat removal. They’d also like a place to store their archives for public access.

“What our goal is — is to use it to store our archives, office space and to have computers accessible to the public. // EDIT // I’m hoping we could eventually hook up — get into some type of partnership with the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, with the Cincinnati Underground Railroad Museum, with the national archives and with the Library of Congress.”

For more information on stone academy, go to their website.

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