Sheriff Updates Commissioners on Budget Six Months In

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Muskingum Co. Sheriff Matt Lutz has given the County Commissioners an update on his office’s budget situation.

“I know we’ve approved about $110,000 to buy or upgrade laptops and look at air cards. We’re actually doing a test on air cards to see which service we’re going to stay with or switch to,” Lutz later told reporters just outside the Commission meeting room.”

The sheriff praises mechanics in his vehicle maintenance division for helping to keep his fleet running smoothly.

“We can’t go out and serve our citizens unless our guys can get to those calls. Having the equipment we have is a top priority for us to give our people they need to do the job,” Lutz added.

He says his budget is due each May. The November update occurs at what’s equal to the six-month mark, little more than a month before the new year.