Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl under new ownership

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A longtime staple in the Zanesville community is now under new ownership.

The former owner of Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl wants his customers to know not much will change with the switch.

Former owner, Bill Sullivan said,”The business is still good, still thriving but I’m getting old and — you know — Joe wanted, my manager Joe Baker, wanted the opportunity to buy the place so I gave him the first shot.” Sullivan added, “I figured well I wanna keep it internal that way it’s not gonna change. I know Joe, my manager, would not do that. He would run it just like how we’d run it. He makes the ice cream, he’s familiar with the business.”

The new owner says he’s made over 712,000 gallons of ice cream over the years but the recipe, like the business, hasn’t changed. Like Sullivan, Baker wants to keep the recipes and the restaurant the same.

“It’s all made to my taste and if I have somebody else making ice cream, as I’m going to eventually start having people make, they’re going to make the same quality that I make because I’m still gonna be here. I’m quite proud of that. “

The restaurant first opened in 1948 and was taken over by Sullivan in 1984.

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