DeMaria Visits Foxfire Schools

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – An area school played host to a very important guest today as Foxfire Schools welcomed the State Superintendent of Public Instruction under the Department of Education. Paolo DeMaria says Foxfire Schools present an educational opportunity for behaviorally challenged students who may otherwise struggle in a traditional public school environment.

“The statute recognizes those and has tried to create the conditions where schools like Foxfire can exist and succeed; and still be attentive to the quality of the experience.”

Area school districts work closely with Foxfire in order to ensure that each individual student is receiving a specialized education that will work the best for their learning style.

“Here, it seems like there’s an understanding that this school actually is very successful in addressing the needs of certain types of students. And so, to the extent that those students are better served here than in some other far away or more expensive place; the districts that have students going here seem to have acknowledged that and see it as more of a partner in the education of the students of this community—rather than necessarily like a competitor or a bad actor.”

DeMaria has been the State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the past three years.