Chief Tony Coury Calling on Community to Support Rambo

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Chief of Police here in Zanesville is asking people across the area to help fund Rambo Health Center during this season of giving.

“We’ve mailed out close to 5,000 letters in the last couple of weeks. We’re hoping for everybody to donate this year and if you have a dollar to $500 and you wish to donate, please do so. We’re hoping to be able to raise right around $20,000 this year,” says Chief Tony Coury.

He says every penny of the proceeds goes toward operating Rambo.

“It goes, it stays right here in Muskingum County, here at Rambo Health Services and we have several programs here that it helps pay for.”

According to a news release supplied to us by Rambo Memorial Health Center, the donation will help pay for Asthma and Respiratory Disorder Management for Children and Adults, a Stop Tobacco Program, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Respiratory Medication Assistance, Health Educational Literature, Pulmonary Equipment Loan, and their Air Conditioner Program.

If you did not receive the letter containing the seals or would like more information, call Rambo Memorial Health Center at (740) 452-5401, or click or tap here to visit their website.

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