Zane State Hosts MVL Sportsmanship Program

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Area student athletes from 14 different school districts gathered at Zane State College today to discuss the importance of sportsmanship and leadership. Over 80 students attended the Athletic Leadership/Sportsmanship Program, where they mingled with students they had never met who attend different school districts.

Melita Davis, Coshocton High School Ambassador, says the program has been beneficial.

“I think its a really great program; I think it’s a really good opportunity for students from all different schools—we haven’t met—to come together and talk about our experiences in leadership and sportsmanship. I think that’s something we all have in common too. Even though we haven’t known each other before this, we can all bond over that.”

Scott Welker, MVL Commissioner, says schools from the Muskingum Valley League—as well as Zanesville and Rosecrans—were represented at the event, which has been taking place for a number of years.

“We had a vision—probably about 8 or 9 years ago—from a guy named Terry Olinger, who is all near and dear to our hearts. He started this; he was the athletic director at Philo High School and found the need that we needed in our community where we could enhance the sportsmanship and leadership throughout all of our students.”

Troy Hindel, with Zemba Brothers, says the company served as a sponsor for the program and have worked with the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office to introduce Challenge Coins to member schools.

“The coins are a way for the students to exemplify their leadership skills. If they see something on the basketball court or on the football field or on the band field or wherever it is in their school districts; someone goes above and beyond a leadership trait of some kind. So they can share their coins with their students and they can continue to pass them around as the school year goes on.”

Students led discussions regarding sportsmanship and leadership and took part in activities designed to encourage friendship among member schools.

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