ODH: Suicide Deaths on Alarming Rise

Local News

Some alarming numbers concerning suicide are made public by the Ohio Dept. of Health.

State health experts say suicide deaths have risen by 45% since 2007 across the state.

“That’s awful, and unfortunately it’s a national trend. We’re seeing it across the country right now, so it’s not just Ohio. On top of that, youth suicides during that same period increased by 66%. So, it’s a public health issue,” says Jamie McGrew, Care Management Director, Mental Health & Recovery Services Board.

State numbers are indicating the highest suicide rate is among white, non-Hispanic males.

“There are a lot of factors that contribute to suicidal ideation, I guess I would say. A lot of times, substance abuse is one of the key factors that often contribute to suicides or at least suicide attempts. Experience is, too, particularly if you’re a victim of domestic violence, for example, is certainly a factor. There are differences in gender, even,” says Paul Quinn, President of NAMI Six County.

The Associated Press reports five people die by suicide every day in Ohio with over 1,800 suicide deaths last year.