Furniture Store, Healthcare Center Give 88 Free Mammograms

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Dozens of women were able to get a free mammogram this October.

Coconis Furniture and Genesis Healthcare Center partnered to give out free mammogram appointments to women who came into the furniture store and have released the results.

Director of Cancer Services for Genesis Pebbles Thornton says the majority of women who received the testing would not be able to otherwise.

“From the entire month of October, we were able to provide 88 mammograms to local community members. So 88 have been completed or have been scheduled to occur here very shortly. Super excited about that and the most exciting thing is that 71.6% of those 88 people were either underinsured or do not have any insurance. So these are people in the community that this was a huge need for them so we’re extremely happy with the partnership with Coconis and WHIZ to be able to make this happen for the community.”

Store Manager Bo Coconis says choosing to give away mammograms came from the idea that cancer and breast cancer affects so many people.

“Ultimately, every single one of us — in one way or another — is affected with cancer and breast cancer just happens to be one that — is probably the most — the most out there. Especially from a woman’s standpoint. In that case, it just made sense and obviously — from with — once we talked to WHIZ and they were behind it and Genesis Healthcare. It just made sense and like I said — it’s just — it was the right timing and — support.”

Coconis says the giveaway was in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Every October, ultimately, there’s a Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s many ways that you can raise awareness. Whether it be through giving, donations, there’s many places that do pink days or pink things throughout the month. We really just felt that what was most important is to raise awareness about early detection and making sure that people did not have an excuse of not being able to get a mammogram.”

Thornton says to stay on top of upcoming doctor’s appointments, check ups and self checking is key to early detection.