WHIZ Hosts Contest for Christmas Carols

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Brush up those vocal cords and get ready to Jingle Bell Rock.

WHIZ will be holding their first Christmas Karaoke Contest this season.

Isaac Dreier from WHIZ says to submit a video contest entry.

“There’ll be a submit button on the — on the actual broadcast page and it’s going to be — you can have any link up to about 3 1/2 minutes or so. Just a normal song length but if it’s shorter than that that’s fine. We just don’t want anything much above — 3 1/2 minutes long.”

Videos will be posted onto our website and reviewed by a group of judges.

Jay Benson the General Sales Manager for WHIZ Interactive says can be as creative as possible.

“Have some fun with it because — really you’re — you’re only limited by your imagination. What you can do with it. So — have some fun with it — we would ask that it be done in good taste — you know, we are a family — stations and we would want it to be done in good taste. But have some fun with it by all means.”

Every person who submits a video will get two free tickets to wild lights and the chance to win a 500 dollar gift card.

Enter here: https://whiznews.com/christmas-karaoke/

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