Muskingum University Dam Classified “High Hazard”

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The Muskingum University Dam holds back what locals call “College Lake” on the campus of the private liberal arts college.  It’s among more than 100 dams in Ohio rated in poor or unsatisfactory condition that are classified as “high hazard” because lives could be lost if the dams fail.  A two year investigation  by the Associated Press found that Ohio has the fifth highest number of such dams among the 45 state and Puerto Rico that complied with the AP’s public records request.

Muskingum University issued a statement on the issue:

Muskingum University routinely inspects and maintains its dam, per the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) guidelines. There is no record of flooding on campus that has impacted our lake and dam system. In fact, several years ago, when record rainfall caused extensive flooding in the region, there was no evidence of stress to our lake or dam system. The University has been working with ODNR and a very reputable engineering firm on appropriate measures related to the dam structure and ODNR is comfortable with our progress to date. Speaking of Muskingum University, ODNR dam safety Project Manager Mia Kannick told the Associated Press for a story published Nov. 10: “They’re doing all the right things. They’ve hired a very good engineer and they’re on top of it.” “The well-being of our campus community and the Village of New Concord is a top priority,” said Phil Laube, vice president of Finance & Operations and treasurer of Muskingum University. “We will continue working with ODNR to ensure that this structure remains safe and sound.” Should you have any questions or concerns, please at any time contact Aaron Martin, director of Strategic Communication & Marketing:

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