Zane State Student says Emergency Grant Relieves ‘Huge Financial Burden’

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – College students have a lot to juggle — classes, studying and maybe even a job to help make ends meet.

Jade Printz a student from Zane State College says that attending clinicals and classes can make budgeting difficult.

“With clinicals we’ll be going for 8 hours each day — so a full time job. So with that there’s no time to work while still focusing on getting the best learning experience possible from my clinicals.”

The Community Impact Director for United Way Becky Clawson says they partnered with Zane State College Foundation for an emergency grant. The grant can cover up to $500 for emergencies like car troubles, medical bills, child care, eviction or other emergencies.

“We were seeing the needs from students. Things like, ‘my car is broken down I can’t get to class or clinical.’ They may have had an emergency and need some help with rent or their tire is flat. Things like that — that were coming up. And there’s really no source of funding..

“In the spring semester I’ll be doing clinicals for 40-hours a week over the 16-week period. So, which doesn’t allow time for a job and right now I work at student services at campus. So — like — having that $500 to rely on — like — relieves a huge financial burden. Worrying about transportation from clinicals to home to clinicals everyday. And like I could be driving up to an hour and a half one way to a clinical site each day. So it’s really gonna like — make a huge difference.”

To qualify for the grant you must:

  • Be enrolled in classes at Zane State College.
  • Be a Federal Aid recipient in the term an emergency grant is requested.
  • Provide documentation of the financial emergency.
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