Body: “We’ve elected a lot of really good people”

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With more than 4 times the number of write-in votes as his opponent — Andrew Body is the new auditor for Zanesville.

He says this is his chance to give back to his hometown.

“We’ve elected a lot of really good people into these positions with a lot of experience and a lot of integrity. So, the money will be spent wisely and the reason — I’m in Zanesville — I came back for this position, is I really believe in the vision of our new mayor Don [Mason] and this is where I want to raise a family and I grew up here — had a tremendous childhood and a lot of opportunities along the way and this is still a really, really good place to grow up but we want — we want to make it great again. “

As auditor, Body says he will be in charge of every penny to come in and out of the city.

“The auditor is sort of a hybrid between an accountant and a watchdog. So, every cent that comes in — the auditor makes sure that that’s spent — efficiently, wisely and is diligent in checking to make sure that there’s no waste, no dishonesty along the way.”

He says the auditor does has to be objective.

“The auditor makes no policy — the auditor is supposed to be an independent position. And it’s my duty to go in there and make sure things are being done financially correctly. “

Body says he didn’t expect to have this much support.

“It’s extremely humbling — it’s quite an honor — never anticipated that I would have that much support. And I certainly owe it — a lot of gratitude to a lot of people who helped me along the way. Excited to get in there and to finally have a chance to give back to what the city has done for me.”

For the latest election numbers — go to the Muskingum County Board of Elections website.