Election Day is Here – Polls are Open

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Election day is tomorrow and as voters head out to the polls, the Board of Elections is preparing for the tabulation process. Timothy Thompson, Director of the Board of Elections, says voters will have about 13 hours to cast their ballots and should remember to bring some form of identification to the polls.

“Polls open at 6:30 and they’ll be open all day until 7:30. Voters can go to their locations that they’re registered at and cast their ballots there at the polls. Most people have their drivers license or the last four of their social security number. There’s also bills—utility bills or whatever that has the name and address that people can use to identify themselves.”

When it comes to write-in races, results may not be available until Wednesday.

“It’ll just take us a little while to be able to tabulate those and count those for election night. We may not have it completed on election night; so be patient.”

You can keep up on results and all election news by listening to Z-92, AM 1240, and Highway 103; or by tuning in to WHIZ-TV and checking whiznews.com.

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