State Rep. from Muskingum Co. Seeks to End Surprise Medical Billing

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A Statehouse lawmaker from Muskingum County is seeking to end what’s being called “Surprise Medical Billing”.

State Rep. Adam Holmes (R-Nashport) tells WHIZ News his bill would cut down on the number of people seeking bankruptcy protection due to outlanding medical bills, sending patients into a downward financial spiral.

“One in three Ohioans has had a surprise bill in their past somewhere and it’s the number one cause of bankruptcy in Ohio, and so there’s a real sense of urgency to get this legislation passed quickly,” Holmes says.

“There was a version of it that was vetoed by the Governor,” he adds. “We’ve made some adjustments to it, and I am confident that this is logical legislation that is exactly what the Governor would intend to have for Ohioans. It takes care of people that, at no fault of their own, who are in these emergency situations.”

Holmes says the bill represents a free market solution to the problem. Under the legislation, an out-of-network health care professional could elect to be paid the in-network rate by the insurance company or could negotiate a different rate with the insurance company. If no agreement is reached, the health care provider can pursue ‘baseball style’ arbitration.