Paul Emory: Artist of the Month

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – This month’s Art Walk is being held on Friday in downtown Zanesville, where work from this month’s Artist of the Month will be featured. Paul Emory has been an artist since he was in third grade and says that he works primarily with paint.

“Well, a lot of it is landscape painting, some narratives, and some construction. But, I’m doing three different types of painting right now. Some of them are from life, like this painting of Saint Nicholas from upper Main Street. Which, I take the canvas out on location and do the painting. It’s one way of working that more immediate; others I’m making it up from the beginning to the end, so–you know, it’s a little more creative. But, they’re fun and exciting because I never know exactly what I’m going to have at the end of it.”

In recent years, Emory has been restoring old buildings in Zanesville; such as the one located at 621 Main Street that now serves as his studio.

“At first, this building I thought would be a good parking lot for my Main Street ZAAP building; until I got inside of it and realized–you know, this is a wonderful little warehouse with a hand-operated elevator, all the great stuff that I love…open space. So, immediately my mind shifted. And, I’m not one to tear buildings down and of course when I saw the inside of this one I decided this would be a great studio.”

Emory enjoys creating construction pieces, such as one that depicts an elderly woman climbing stairs and featuring elements such as dog hair and clothing pieces. The art studio is open to the public during First Fridays, Art Walks, and by appointment.