Realty agency announces National Drug Take Back Day event

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Tomorrow is National Drug Take Back Day and a local business is doing its part to help get rid of unwanted prescription medications.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Lepi and Associates will be handing out drug disposal pouches at their office. The pouch can be used anywhere to dissolve narcotics, antibiotics or transdermal patches.

Realtors, Amanda and Dennis Hitchcock say Ohio Realtors has become partners with the ohio opioid education alliance.

“Ohio Realtors is teamed up with the Ohio Opioid Transition and Company so they have teamed up to be able to have realtors because we are all in fact always in the neighborhood — you’re next door — you’re in the homes. So we’re just trying to help the county here be more safety conscious because realtors are always out there fighting for homeowners.”

Amanda Hitchcok says using a Deterra Drug Deactivation System pouch is eco-friendly and effective.

“There are chemicals that can be left in the water system which is not a good thing. If you throw them away without having the proper disposal system — then they can get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately there are some people that dig through the trash and then use them for purposes that they’re not supposed to be used for.”

For more information about the Deterra, go to their website.

Lepi and Associates is located at 1257 Maple Avenue.

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