The Race is On for Zanesville City Auditor

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With Election Day quickly approaching, residents of Zanesville were invited to attend a local candidates forum; held at the Muskingum County Library this evening. The public heard from candidates running for City Council, Zanesville City School Board, one mayoral candidate, and two write-in candidates for City Auditor.

Dale Raines, City Auditor candidate, says he would bring knowledge from past experiences to the office.

“I decided to run for auditor when I discovered that there was no one on the ballot. Neither of the two parties ran anyone on the ballot. So, I decided–I was concerned that someone unqualified would run and we would end up with an auditor who didn’t know what he or she were doing. I have worked as the Budget Finance Director for the city for 20 years. I worked closely with the auditor’s staff then. And so, I decided well–I’m qualified and I think that I could do a good job.”

Andrew Body is also running for City Auditor; and says he is passionate about serving the community.

“I decided to run for auditor because this is an important position. And, with my background you know I’ve studied policy, I’ve served in the Mayor’s Office in D.C., I have my MBA from Ohio State. We need someone very qualified in this position and I’m confident that I’m the person to do that. The one thing that I would like people to take away from this evening is that, you know–I am young. I’m a little bit younger than my opponent, but I am the embodiment of what we need in Zanesville.”

In order to cast a vote for City Auditor, voters must write in a candidate’s name and fill in the bubble located on the ballot.