Don’t Forget the Dog this Halloween

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Halloween fun isn’t just for humans this year, as PetSmart of Zanesville is planning an event for the whole family–including the dog. Treat Your Boo will be held at the store this Saturday afternoon and will feature treats for humans and pups of all ages.

John Dillon, Store Leader, says that the event is free and all are welcome.

“This Saturday, October 26 from 12 to 2 we are going to be hosting–right here, in our training rink–our Halloween; it’s our annual event, it’s our Treat Your Boo. So you get to not only bring your pets here; but also the whole family–we will welcome everyone here. It’s a free event so we’re going to be not only doing Halloween costume contests for not only your pets; but also for adults and kids alike. We’re going to be doing Trick-or-Treat not only for kids, but also for your pets. We are also going to be doing a photobooth contest and grand prizes for all that kind of fun stuff.”

In addition to a costume contest and free treats; the PetSmart event also offers the chance to win in-store discounts.

“We’re not only going to be raffling off a basket and freebies for our grooming salon; but also for our pet training department. We’re going to be offering a couple of free training sessions and seminars that you can enter into.”

Treat Your Boo will be held on October 26 at the Zanesville PetSmart from 12 to 2 PM.