Friends of Putnam Hold Neighborhood Clean-Up

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Community volunteers are out in full-force with the goal of revitalizing Putnam; and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Friends of Putnam held the first of many clean-up events this morning in the area behind Woodlawn Avenue.

Joseph Nezbeth, President of Friends of Putnam, says the area focused upon today has served as an encampment for the homeless population.

“This has been an encampment; probably established two, three years ago. Its also been a dumping site for the neighborhood, so we have a combination of issues here. Improper use of land; as far as dumping refuse–and the encampment, which is a shelter of course for the homeless. We have found some things that are very questionable; like liquids. so we know that they’ve been cooking meth up here and that kind of stuff.”

While over forty-four volunteers helped clean up trash this morning, group leaders maintain that support is still needed.

“We need the support of the city. It takes a village; indeed it does. I’m hoping that the news spreads fast–we’re out to take our neighborhood and our community back.”

Materials and services utilized in today’s trash pick-up were donated in part by the Central Ohio Railroad, Zemba Brothers, and Waste Management. Friends of Putnam has also established a neighborhood watch program.