Pet of the week: Buddy and Arthur

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – They say two is better than one and that’s especially true for two boy dogs at the Animal Shelter Society.

Board members for the shelter Dawn Fello and Lisa Burkett says two loving dogs would make the perfect addition to any loving family.

“He’s a coonhound lab mix – he’s great with kids – he would be a good family dog. Buddy can be a bit of an escape artist though so you have to take a little bit of extra precaution with Buddy. But he needs to go home. He’s been here for several months and he needs to go home,” said Burkett.

“Arthur is a Mastiff – he is six years old and he’s been neutered and he is very loving. He does not get along with cats but he gets along great with kids. He’s a really loving dog,” said Fello.

Burkett also want potential adopters to know a larger dog can be the perfect snuggle companion.

“They can be very strong dogs but they can also be very loving dogs – just because they’re big dogs doesn’t mean they don’t love to cuddle just as much.”

Arthur’s adoption fees are completely covered by a sponsor. And Buddy is part of the shelter’s “I Like Big Mutts Special,” his adoption fee is $55.

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