Bishop Rosecrans Girl’s Basketball Team holds Benefit Concert Saturday

Local News

NASHPORT, Ohio – Saturday at LA-Z Acres, there will be a benefit concert for the Bishop Rosecrans Girl’s Basketball team.

The country/rock band Sugar Creek will be performing with a Zanesville native as their lead singer.

Coach Vince Tolson says the event is filled with fun things to do.

“Tomorrow, during the event, we will have — there’s some daytime events that are going on here at the campgrounds. Local trick-or-treaters and things like that. We will have a DJ playing prior to the band playing at 7. Then after the band done is playing – at about 10 to 10:30 – the DJ will continue to play. …some of the coaches will be here selling food during the day tomorrow. “

The basketball team isn’t just about the points on a score board. For two players, Kailey Zemba and Maggie Hutcheson, they’re a family.

“It’s like we’re a family whenever we’re like practicing together and we’re all together. We’re just a family,” said Hutcheson.

“We’re all very included with eachother basketball is like, really any sport really, is just like Maggie said, another family,” said Zemba.

The event is from 7 to 10:30 p.m.

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