Chancellor Visits Zane State College

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local college played host to a special guest today; as Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner visited Zane State.

The Chancellor has spent the first months of his tenure visiting universities and colleges across the state. Zane State President, Dr. Chad M. Brown says the science and technology programs were the focus of today’s visit.

“Well, the chancellor is making rounds trying to visit all of the universities as well as community colleges during his first year. So, this is his first visit to our campus. What we wanted to do was showcase the advanced science and technology center. This is our newest building on campus; it opened in 2014. And, it houses our engineering programs as well as some of our allied health programs.”

Gardner took a tour of the Zane State College Science and Technology Center; particularly the radiology department.

“Today is my sixty-sixth visit; right here at Zane State. So, my belief is that you can’t really do this job well if you sit in an office in Columbus. You can read, and make phone calls, and read emails. But, until you’re really out on the campuses talking to students, seeing the labs, being involved in the communities; it’s really difficult to get an appreciation and to know what we need to do next.”

Zane State College will offer a new bachelor degree program in applied sciences next Fall.

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