Human Trafficking Focus of “It Happens Right Here” Event Oct. 23

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Several Zanesville-area social organizations are banding together to plan an event for later in October to put a focus on human trafficking.

“The issue of human trafficking, as I’ve learned, is a very real issue in our own community. The purpose of the event on October 23 is to educate folks that human trafficking is right here, right now,” says Mollie Crooks, Muskingum Co. Women’s Republican Club President.

Keynote speakers will include Sandy Storm, Author & Motivational Speaker; Jill Sharrer, Survivor; and Ron Welch, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.

“The purpose of the event on October 23 from five to nine at the Muskingum County Library in the auditorium is education. We want people to be aware that this is something that’s happening right here in the community and we want them to know what we can do as an individual. The topics are geared to parents, school personnel and anyone who cares about children,” Crooks adds.

The event is set for Oct. 23 from 5-9pm at the John McIntire Library Auditorium.

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