Local Women’s Group Donates Thousands to Non-Profit Organization

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A Muskingum County organization has given a substantial amount of funding to a local non-profit. 100+ Women Who Care Muskingum County has presented Homeless Hands of Zanesville with $13,900–and the women intend to keep giving locally.

Melanie Klotzbach, President of 100+ Women Who Care, says the nearly 160 members each pledged to give one hundred dollars to a local non-profit group three times per year.

“Just the response from the people; they’ve been very appreciative, just excited that this event has come to Zanesville. And we’re going to be doing this three times a year; so by the end of our last meeting this coming June, we would have given out over forty-five thousand dollars to three different charities. Otherwise, they would never have received that kind of money. So, thats very exciting and we’re excited about the impact that we can make on the community.”

Tammy Clark, President of Homeless Hands of Zanesville, says the organization plans to use the funds to help those in need throughout the community.

“Our main focus is to get the homeless–help them rebuild their lives, get them back on track with jobs, any therapies that they would need, medical care, mental care. And get them up and going again so they are a productive member of society. We’ve been able to get 49 now off the streets and they’re all doing very well; the ones that have graduated from our program.”

100+ Women Who Care will meet once again in February and new members are welcome.