New Website Allows Public to Access Historic Records from Home

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A new, online resource is allowing the public to access Muskingum County records from their own home. is a link to the past that is now available to the public at no cost.

David Shipley, Camera Operator at the Muskingum County Records Department, says that records are photographed and added to the site individually.

“It’s basically a worldwide database that we are in the process of filming–imaging, actually taking pictures of the different records here in the county.”

The goal of the website is to preserve historic documents, so that future generations can have easy access to them.

“Well, the main benefit is record preservation. The county will receive a copy of everything that we do; and they can use it however they wish to. And basically in genealogical research, in the old days people had to come to the county or to a record repository; go through the information and, you know, go through that whole process of looking it up. With an online database such as this, people will be able to sit in their own home; at their table with their own computer and do the same thing.” is currently up and running; as the project continues to expand with more records being added each day. When fully complete, the website will feature two million different images.

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